Your business may be large or small;

it could be in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, services, technology, or any other profession. You’re maybe currently selling your products or services by using ads, sales people, trade shows, distributors, online marketing, or purely relying on word-of-mouth.

You could be a mature business, a start-up or a niche market company.
Whatever the case may be, it is extremely likely that I can make your business more successful, more profitable – and less stressful!
By helping you make more money, I give you more control, which in turn frees up your time more and turns your business into a sales and marketing machine that generates a steady and ever-increasing cash-flow.

Isn’t it about time you had a true specialist working on your side & helping you build your business?

How do I do this?

Every business is different, so there are a number of techniques I use:

  • Unearthing hidden assets in your business
  • Discovering & creating multiple profit sources
  • Making every sales activity you get involved in more successful
  • Distinguishing your offerings to your customers
  • Mining profit opportunities you never knew were there
  • Evolving your business philosophy to include “growth-thinking”
  • Maximising your personal leverage from every action you take & commitment you make
  • Unlocking power partnering opportunities

Private Consulting

Do you have a business problem that you cannot find the answer to? Is there some profit-or growth-limiting factor in your business you just cannot seem to overcome and you need a quick solution?

Why don’t you leverage my many years of experience and expertise in growing businesses? I typically deal with larger clients personally, working with executives of companies that make in the range of R30 million – R2 billion in Gross Yearly Revenue.

For any other short- to long-term consultation and business advice, please contact our BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

*All interviews and collected information will stay confidential.

Group Consulting & Coaching

What do the top-earning boxers, tennis players, soccer teams, cricket teams & rugby teams in the world have in common? They all make use of excellent coaches.
If you are intrigued to see how I may be able to grow your business for you and are interested in taking part in my Intimate Group Consulting Programme, read on…
There is a reason why I am considered to be one of the top minds in the fields of strategic alliances and building your bottom line. I can multiply the performance of your current sales and marketing techniques, and help you develop new and lucrative revenue streams.


  • By turning mediocre sales offerings into irresistible propositions
  • By maximising explosive success
  • By truly understanding how exponential business growth and profit increases happen


Step 1

See if the following points apply to you:

yes-tickYou own or run a successful business with between R1 million and R30 million Gross Yearly Revenue

yes-tickYou suspect that your business could become a lot more successful, profitable & dominant in your marketplace

yes-tickMy ideas, strategies & expert guidance sound worth exploring to you

yes-tickYou have enough momentum & velocity of commerce for our mutual relationship to be suitable

yes-tickYou understand that our arrangement would be mostly performance-based, with a small monthly retainer fee

yes-tickYou are keen to see what I could do with an already lucrative business like yours

yes-tickYou would love to dramatically improve the profit picture of your operation


Step 2

If you answered yes to the above and would like to see if your business is qualified to gain from my insights and abilities, please fill out the questionnaire* so I get some basic background on you and your business. Fill out the short questionnaire

Step 3

If there’s a good possibility that we’re a match, one of my team members will call or email you so we can schedule a presentation and conduct the initial suitability interview*

*All interviews and collected information will stay confidential.





  • Turn your ordinary business into an extraordinary money-maker
  • Multiply your business income
  • Build a bigger bottom line
  • Watch your profits keep growing bigger & better every year”

Let me help you do all of this!
– Leon van Tubbergh

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Postal Box 95013,
Landline: +27 87 550 1905

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