You may be wondering what exactly will happen in your company once you’ve worked with me

It will be a result you won’t receive from most management consultants. I won’t just give you a large pile of fancy (but fairly useless) reports that essentially repeat back to management what your key employees have been

I help you work on the way you think, the way you prioritise your efforts and the way you look at business opportunities.

So what you will see is actual change in the way you do business, such as:

  • How you connect the dots & reveal opportunities
  • Seeing new ways that you can generate immediate growth, with your existing customer base & totally new customers
  • Exploiting areas of your business that have previously been underperforming or not fully tapped
  • Better prioritising your time, money, energy, employees & other resources
  • Seeing what gives you the most immediate & long-lasting impact for your efforts
  • Discovering new income streams that require little or no effort to produce
  • Creating multiple pillars of performance, so that you end up having a variety of equally productive streams of new customers & clients
  • Discovering how joint ventures & bartering can improve & grow your business ventures

After working with me, you will:

  • Find that your entire organisational culture will shift towards more productivity
  • Have a business venture that thinks & acts differently than before
  • See the business world differently
  • Identify new opportunities & income streams
  • Focus your time on those areas that offer the highest return on investment, right now & into the future
  • Develop a steady stream of new clients & income

And it’s a guarantee!


Work with me for 3 months.

If at that time you don’t see how I could possibly contribute to your bottom line, we’ll shake hands & part ways.

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

1. My team’s personal time and attention – we don’t just pitch the business and then turn the real work over to a team of overworked, just-out-of-college lackeys who have never actually “worked” a business. When you hire us, us is what you get!

2. Over 10 years of hands-on business-building experience. I’ve walked in your shoes, built and sold businesses, and managed my own companies for over 14 years. I know what it takes to change a business from mediocrity to greatness.


3. My support team, which helps me to be more efficient and effective. I am fortunate to have a crack team of managers, sales and support people on my team. They are focused on building my business, so that I can put focus on building yours!

So what’s the catch?

Before you fill out the questionnaire please consider the following carefully:

We only have a certain number of clients we can work with at a given time

We have a limited number of openings available.
So, out of fairness to both of us, I’m picky about who we work with. Let’s talk and find out if you fit the mold.

Extensive bottom-line growth requires a commitment from everyone involved

If I’m not 100% sure that you’re willing to invest the time, energy and resources needed to do what has to be done, I’ll tell you so directly and we’ll part ways with no hard feelings. Sound fair?

I don’t come cheap

You need to be comfortable to either allocate a substantial daily fee OR a small monthly retainer plus a share of the incremental profits that come from our relationship. Either way, you have to be willing to invest financially over the next 3 months, otherwise you’re not yet ready to invest in my personal consulting services.

If you consider the results, my fee is inconsequential

The vast majority of my income actually comes not from my fees, but from the profit-sharing portion of the agreements. In other words, I make far more money from sharing just a small percentage of your incremental profit that you make as a result of my efforts, than I do from my fixed consulting fees. My clients are making money, so I’m making money too.
If you’re interested in building your bottom line and are willing to live with the conditions mentioned above, we should talk.

Why don’t you take that all-important first step and find out more?

Simply fill out this short questionnaire on your business. It’s as easy as that!

*All interviews and collected information will stay confidential.

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