Leon consults and implements strategies for local & international clients to increase their bottom line.

Leon van Tubbergh grows businesses for a living – for himself and others – and he has been doing so successfully for the last 14 years. At last count, he owned a majority share or had outright ownership in businesses across 11 different industries.

Leon is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word – founding, buying, selling, owning and managing real businesses is his forte.

The business growth strategies that he conceptualises, develops and refines are implemented and tested in his own business ventures, to ensure that they work in the real world.

Leon is renowned for uncovering overlooked assets and concealed opportunities. He finds, optimises and leverages existing and under-utilised systems, relationships, strategies and capital for maximum profit.

He has formulated a step-by-step plan for unprecedented business growth, known as Scientific Marketing™. He specialises in Cross Industry Breakthroughs™ where he uses profitable marketing approaches and strategies from one industry and applies it to another, unrelated industry.

Leon has been extremely successful at what he does and is famed for finding opportunities where no one dares to look.

Leon coaches, consults and implements strategies for local and international clients to multiply their profits with the lowest amount of cost and effort in the least amount of time. He is a true grand master of marketing and has single-handedly effected 1 billion Rand worth of sales in a 24-month period!

Other notable achievements:

  • Personally taking 3 ventures from 0 to 7 figures in less than 12 months
  • Taking a property investment company from 0 to 8 figures in 30 months, with an investment of less than R10 000
  • Co-developing “System 6™ ”
  • Engineering the Scientific Marketing™ Concept
  • Popularising the phrase “Exponential Marketing Leverage™”
  • Coining the phrase “Cross Industry Breakthroughs™”

Leon also knows how to incorporate viral marketing into his proven business strategies, so that his clients gain the most success and profitability from their businesses.

In fact, 75% of the sales effected were due to the clients’ referrals.

In his own words:

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my clients achieve success with their businesses, even to the point of assuming some of the risk with them. Any client of mine would need to be comfortable allocating a substantial daily fee for my advice OR a small retainer plus profit shares, earned equity, stock options, or a blend of these.

Although I am flexible as to the structure of the arrangement with my clients, I do prefer becoming profit partners with the companies I assist to dominate in their respective markets – I believe this further cements my readiness to continue providing the most opportune advice and support for my clients, as their success leads to my success as well.

Bottom line: I’m all about the bottom line for my clients. Take the first step today – contact me & let me help you build your business!”

Leon van Tubbergh

  • Solves tough business questions for clients
  • Helps clients grow their businesses from mediocre to profitable
  • Evaluates businesses to determine where they can be more efficient in their costs & more profitable in their operations
  • Is all about enhancing, maximising, leveraging and optimising for Profit Breakthroughs™


  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Growth
  • Business Strategies
  • Business Breakthroughs
  • Referral Generation
  • Scientific Marketing
  • Profit Increase
  • Power Partnering



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Postal Box 95013,
Landline: +27 87 550 1905

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